a FAMILY tale

Alcuni di voi che passate per queste pagine vi chiederete "Ma che le è preso che ora scrive in inglese???"
Beh grazie a Deviant Art e ai lavori esteri ho tirato su qualche lettore straniero, quindi per far capire qualcosa anche a loro vedo di scrivere anche in inglese.
Lo scorso post non ho avuto voglia di farlo in italiano ^^'

Comunque, la pagina qui sotto appartiene ad una storia su cui sto lavorando (pochissimo, lo ammetto) da un anno circa ed è la storia di mia nonna. E' la seconda versione, un po' più raffinata rispetto alle precedenti.
(The pages below belong to a story I'm working on since... one year I think, and it's about my Grandmother. This first page is more refined, a nearly definitive version. )

Altre pagine, per il momento abbastanza rudimentali, una manciata di idee trasformate in tavole, è qui di seguito.
(These other pages are pretty basic, a handful of ideas put on comic pages ^^ Only Italian.)

My Grandmother loved dancing. Even when she was old she went out twice a week to go dancing with her "boy"friend Gigi, a guy she met when they both were young and met again in a elder age (becoming fiancee).

This page and the next one have been re-designed.It's about a story happened when my Grandmother was a kid of 3 y.o.

My Grandmother got Alzheimer when she was about 70 y.o. but we learnt she was ill only several years later. In those years we really didn't understand what was happening to her :(

 I don't know if she was aware of what was happening to her. Scenes like this were daily scenes. She felt like she was loosing herself and her mind.

A life through pictures, fading away, the last ones are the first to fade. She thought my Mother was her mother. She had lived a life full of lies, at the very end she couldn't lie anymore.



In the last months I've barely uploaded something new, because I'm working on some illustrations I still cannot show (I'm awaiting for the print). They are two books, one about two kids visiting their Grandparents during the Summer holidays (I've drawed a lot of animals!!! ^__^) and another is about the same two kids having a magic adventure during the Christmas-time (a lot of decorations and Christmas trees °__<

Since two weeks or so, I'm working on another book, not for children but for the youth, commissioned by Thomas Nilsen, the head of the technical committee in the Norwegian Karate Federation and assistant principal at a vocational college.

This is a non commercial project and the idea is to focus on morals and ethics for young people, giving them a friendly-looking book with many illustrations.
The story is about a boy, Jojimbo, who meets a old karate Master and learn not only the martial arts but also the meaning of life and how he can face the difficulties.