In the last months I've barely uploaded something new, because I'm working on some illustrations I still cannot show (I'm awaiting for the print). They are two books, one about two kids visiting their Grandparents during the Summer holidays (I've drawed a lot of animals!!! ^__^) and another is about the same two kids having a magic adventure during the Christmas-time (a lot of decorations and Christmas trees °__<

Since two weeks or so, I'm working on another book, not for children but for the youth, commissioned by Thomas Nilsen, the head of the technical committee in the Norwegian Karate Federation and assistant principal at a vocational college.

This is a non commercial project and the idea is to focus on morals and ethics for young people, giving them a friendly-looking book with many illustrations.
The story is about a boy, Jojimbo, who meets a old karate Master and learn not only the martial arts but also the meaning of life and how he can face the difficulties.

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Luca Bonisoli ha detto...

Interessante!!! ^__^

Bubi ha detto...

oh my God! How many news!!!! I'm so curious ^^
Huge and kisses Bubi