Buon Natale

Questa volta mi prendo per tempo!!!

Night can be long and despites the impatient vigil, heads become too heavy to stay awake.

I'd like to know if someone ever tried to wait for Santa Claus.
Once, maybe I was 6 or 7, in the very night of Christmas, I had to go to the toilet and I heard someone walking between the corridor and the dining room. I stayed in the toilet for a while, listening those footsteps, truely believing it was Santa.
I was a bit scared, because I was sure there wouldn't be any presents for me, if he'd discovered I was awake ^^'

4 commenti:

Fabio Milito Pagliara ha detto...

very nice, I think that I discovered that santa was my family quite early :(

Manuela Soriani ha detto...

Bellissima illustrazione!

Molto dolce e tenera!

Luca Bonisoli ha detto...

Bella! ^__^

mino ha detto...

buone feste anche a te!