A different present

If you have time and will, you can do something different from the usual presents ^__^

Here's what I've done for my Mother, who loves family's photos.
It's a wood board about 35x60 coloured with acrylics and with some cardboard for leaves and flowers.
The leaves need to support the photos. You can use it as a genealogic tree, if you have pictures of your ancestors ;)

I've found a wood board in my cellar, coloured it with a base of acrylics and then I've drawed a bare tree (very simple indeed).
The day after I took some cardboard and I cut from it some leaves (coloured with green) and flowers and I sticked them on the branches, but be careful to put the glue only on an angle of the leaves, because there must be some (thin) space between the leaves and the board, where to put the photo.
The grass too support photos ^^